A Pastoral Letter to United Methodists of the Southeastern Jurisdiction

A Pastoral Letter to United Methodists of the Southeastern Jurisdiction

Click here to read a letter from our Jurisdictional Bishops in response to recent events regarding race relations in our nation and church.

Online Giving

We now have the option available to tithe and give offerings online! It is quick, easy, secure, and reliable.

If you have the opportunity, please check it out by clicking this link: https://secure.subsplash.com/ui/access/JQR6H6/

Thanks for being a part of our church family!

D1 Kids Nursery News

Our Nursery has grown tremendously in 2017! We are so blessed to have so many kiddos & families as a part of our ministry; however, because of our limited space, we have had some safety issues that we need your help in correcting. Below are 4 rules that will be enforced in our Nursery this year. These rules are here to help us maintain a safe & clean childcare area for our kiddos and their families. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Kayla.

1. One Parent/Guardian at Drop Off/Pick Up – We have very limited space in & surrounding the nursery. In order to keep this area uncongested, we ask that you only send one person (must be 18 or older) to drop off/pick up your little one (also, make sure the nursery staff knows who will pick up your child – they are not allowed to let kids go with adults they don’t know).

2. Do Not Leave Children Unattended in the Nursery

3. Only Nursery Staff & Scheduled Volunteers are Allowed in the Nursery – This again has to do with space & safety. There is a window in the door where you can look into the nursery to see the babies…please do not open the door unless you are scheduled to serve in there.

4. No Public Bathroom – Yes, there is a bathroom in the nursery; No, it’s not for the entire congregation (Sorry). This bathroom is reserved for Nursery Staff & Potty Training Toddlers. There are many other bathrooms in this church that are open to the congregation. Again, this rule is here for the safety of the kids in the nursery.

These will be posted outside the Nursery by the first of the year & be looking for a bulletin insert/announcement sometime in January.
Thank You for helping us make DFUMC a place where families can feel safe & comfortable!

Zone Shepherd Program

The Zone Shepherd program is specifically designed to assist the Church in meeting our Mission Statement, “Lifting Up the Heart of Christ in the Heart of Dickson”. Our Church Family Community is divided into ten(10) geographical “zones” to provide care for one another. In each of these zones there is a Zone Shepherd(s) who will look after the flock of the zone.

Zone Shepherd Coordinators are Marie Slagle and Margaret Loose. Coordinators will stay in communication with the church office to disseminate information to Zone Shepherds relating to prayer requests, weddings, births, deaths, illnesses, visitors, new members, baptisms, etc..

Zone Shepherds will notify the church members in their zone area and communicate they are available to assist them. After receiving information from the coordinators, Shepherds will contact their flock with current news and information. They will also send cards to members in the nursing homes and shut-ins on a rotating monthly basis using the list of members in the Sunday bulletin.

Zone Shepherds:

Zone 1
Debbie Street Judy Dunnagan

Zone 2
Sharon Mays Mary Simmons Dinah Duke

Zone 3
Brenda Work Phyllis Wright Glynda Wilson

Zone 4
Sue Chester Kathy Garrett Mary Cox

Zone 5
Bettye Eighmy Pat Williams Norma Kimbro

Zone 6
Sue Drinnen Sharon Hawkins

Zone 7
Renee Singleton Patricia Terry

Zone 8
Judy Brazzell

Zone 9
Nursing Homes: Bro. Steven Lee, Larry & Sue Alexander, Pat Williams, Margaret West, Kay Moore.