Give Through Shopping

You can now shop online and give to Dickson First United Methodist at the same time! Getting set up is simple.

Our United Methodist General Council on Finance and Administration (GCF&A) arranged a method by which you can shop and give money to the church at the same time. Each time you use the information listed under “Get Started,” the company from which you shop will give a percentage of your purchase back to DFUMC. We shop from these stores every day, so why not make the purchase and give money to DFUMC at the same time?

How to begin:

The easitest way to begin is using these steps below. Your computer will automatically register when you enter an online shop in the network. You’ll be informed of the discount percentage of your purchase that the store will donate to DFUMC. (This app does not presently work on smart phones or tablets. If you shop from a smart phone or tablet, so you go to each time.)

For Computer Users:

1. Just click this link:

2. Click “Join Now”

3. You will enter your email address, choose your own password, and click “Register/Login.”.

4. You will “choose your church” by selecting your state (TN), typing “DICKSON,” then selecting “Dickson First United Methodist Church.”

5. That’s it! You can start shopping now.

6. To make shopping easier, download the “app” for your computer, click “Download the browser app” button which is just below the “Join Now” button. Each time you shop, use this app from your computer to save time as you begin shopping.

For Smartphone and Tablet Users:

If you are using a smart phone or tablet, enter each time you begin shopping. There is no app for these devices at this time. When the app for your devices are available, we’ll let you know. Until then:

1. Use steps 1 – 4 to get started.

2. After you are registered, with your email address and password and selected DFUMC, (steps 1-4), all you need do in the future is to log in.

How this is possible:

Our GCF&A partnered with hundreds of stores who agree to give a portion of your purchase to our United Methodist Churches. They want our business and so this is an incentive for us to purchase from them. These are places we buy from all the time anyway, so there is no reason not to use this program.

Donation Record?

After you’ve clicked DFUMC as your organization for the first time, each time you go to this web site,, you’ll automatically receive credit for a donation to DFUMC when you make a purchase. At the end of the year, you’ll get a complete list of all the donations made in your name at the end of the year.

Receipt of Your Donations

Dickson First will receive a check each month of the donations made in your name along with the donations from others who shop through this web site. NO ONE FROM DFUMC WILL EVER SEE WHAT YOU PURCHASED OR HOW MUCH YOU PURCHASED! Our church only receives the check.